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Tyto Online

Tyto Online is an educational video game created by Immersed Games.

About the Project

Myself and two other UX designers worked with Immersed games to create a new game interface that is more user friendly. The original can be seen below.

Our interactive prototype (seen on left) has no code, but was used to illustrate some potential design changes. Feel free to click on some features!

This prototype was created at the end of a design process that started by conducting a complete user study and focus group on users between the ages of 8-14. We decided to re-design the map, quest log, chat, and menu icon layout based off their feedback.

Poster & Video

The next step in the design process was to create a poster for the client (see right) that included a lot of our research, personas, and prototype sketch.

The top of the poster is composed of our initial user needs, breakdowns, and opportunities to improve. The middle displays the storyboard of our persona to depict an example of our new interface being used. The bottom task flow diagram depicts how the interface would be interacted with.

After recieving additional feedback, we created a video sketch (see below) that provides a narrative depicting the new functionality we proposed.
I edited and filmed the video sketch.

P4H Global Educational App

P4H Global aims to end poverty through the education of teachers in Haiti and Nicaragua.

Individual Prototype

P4H Global needed a better technology for hosting and communicating with teachers across Haiti and Nicaragua.

Since they didn't know exactly what they wanted, I created a couple of prototypes based off information the teachers had communicated about what problems they were experiencing with their current communication methods.

Click on the image to the right to go through a fully clickable mobile app that I pitched to P4H Global, before beginning development.

Gator Diner App

Within the University of Florida's masters UX & UI course, we had to design a mobile app to help find good food options nearby

Group Prototype

Many students don't know where to find the food locations that work best for them.

Myself and two other students in the class fascilitated focus groups, conducted formal brain storm sessions, and even created paper prototypes. With every step we recieved feedback from our classmates. Our clickable prototyp (see right) was ranked the highest in the class (And yes, the idea of ranking the class projects does not sit well with me either).

Click on the image to the right to interact with the prototype, but I recommend opening it in a seperate window as Invision (the software used to make the prototype) does not scale their phone emulator based off window size.


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